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School Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:11 p.m.

Phone: (702) 799-8181
Fax: (702) 799-8188

Address: 6650 W. Reno Avenue
                Las Vegas, NV 89118

Our Mission

At Marion Earl, our mission is to provide the tools for students to be independent and successful, both academically and socially.

May Spirit Days

Friday, May 19 - Marion Earl 

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 30 - First Day of Summer Acceleration

Pre-Kindergarten Program Interest Form

Formulario de Interes del Programa Preescolar de CCSD

If you are interested in having your student attend a Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Program, please read and submit this Pre-K Program Interest Form.


Click HERE for the interest form.

Please note:

  • Students will be assigned to a Pre-K program with availability closest to their home. 

  • If there are no available Pre-K seats, students will be placed on a waitlist and parents/guardians will be notified when an opportunity becomes available. 

  • This Pre-K Interest Form is valid for the 2023–2024 school year.

Si está interesado en que su estudiante asista a un programa Preescolar, lea y envíe este Formulario de Interés Preescolar.

Tenga en cuenta:

  • Los estudiantes serán asignados a un programa Preescolar con disponibilidad más cercana a su hogar.

  • Si no hay cupos disponibles para el programa Preescolar, los estudiantes serán colocados en una lista de espera y se le notificará a los padres/tutores legal cuando haya una oportunidad disponible.

  • Este Pre-K formulario de interés es válido para el año escolar 2023–2024.


If you have questions or require additional assistance, please contact the Early Childhood Department at (702) 799-7479.

Si tiene preguntas o necesita asistencia adicional, comuníquese con el Departamento de Enseñanza Preescolar al (702) 799-7479.

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Marion Earl Merchandise

Click HERE to view Student/Family Store

Click HERE to view the Staff Store

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Click HERE for the ME Alumni Order Form

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Click HERE for the ME Student and Staff Order Form

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School Organizational Team (SOT)
Click HERE to visit our SOT page (agendas and minutes are also located here).

NEXT SOT MEETING: Friday, May 12, 2023

Meeting will be held at 3:30pm in the Library

Click HERE to fill out the Summer Acceleration Form

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Summer Acceleration Letter.JPG

Order your ME yearbook TODAY!

Scan the QR-Code with your phone, then use the school code below.



Click on the link below to see ME on
8 News Now from Career Week!!

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Hello Parents/Guardians,

We want to hear from you! Please take the time to look over the CCSD DRAFT Reassessment Guidelines, then take the Parent Survey regarding Grade Reform. 

It is important the CCSD hears from you. Please click on the links below:

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