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Great American Award

The Great American Award is not GIVEN to the student, 
but is EARNED by the student.


The requirements are:


  • The requirements are: 

  • By memory, recite in front of class or teacher, in ABC order, the 50 states and capitals.  (3 Helps)

  • Recite by memory, in order of Presidency, the Presidents of the United States….first and last names.  (3 Helps)

  • Write the Pledge of Allegiance.  ALL spelling and punctuation must be correct.

  • Sing or recite by memory the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner. (No Help)

  • Recite by memory the Preamble of the United States Constitution. (No Help)

  • Recite by memory the Gettysburg Address. (3 Helps)


All items must be completed by TBD in order to qualify for a Great American Award.  Ceremony will be held on TBD.

Good Luck!!

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Recipients of the Great American Award

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