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Marion B. Earl


Marion Earl Elementary School opened in the fall of 1987 and was dedicated on March 1, 1988. The school is named for Marion Bradley Earl, a Nevada pioneer, a practitioner of the law for more than sixty years, and a leader in his church and community.


Marion Bradley Earl was born September 13, 1897, in Bunkerville, Nevada, to Joseph Ira Earl and Agnes Viola Bunker Earl. Marion was the recipient of a strong pioneer heritage on both sides of his family. In 1877, the town of Bunkerville was founded by his maternal grandfather, Edward Bunker, Sr., under the direction of Brigham Young.


In 1917, his family moved to Overton, Nevada, and Marion matriculated to the University of Utah where he obtained a degree in education. Returning to Moapa Valley, Nevada, he began his professional career as a teacher, and in 1922 he met Lucille Pike, who was teaching at the high school. In February of 1924, Lucille and Marion were married. The Earls had two sons, Tony and Johnny.


In 1927, Marion decided that his future did not lie in teaching, and moved to Washington, D.C., where he attended George Washington Law School. By 1931, he completed his law degree.


Marion established his law practice in Las Vegas and became active in a number of community organizations, including the American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Club, where he served as president of each organization. His longest and most difficult assignment began when he and Dr. John S. Park and Mr. J. D. Smith were called to be members of the county draft board. Marion served on the board for 28 years and had the honor of meeting every president from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Richard Nixon. During these years, Marion was the driving force in forming the Boulder Dam Area Council for the Boy Scouts of America.


In the history of men there are individuals who experience life with boundless energy and love. They have a purpose, a mission, a labor to perform. When these few complete their lives, we mourn. However, he would have us remember his example which proclaimed the love of God, family, Nevada, and America.

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