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We take behavior very seriously.  In order to create responsible citizens and leaders, we must teach our students these proper behaviors, and expect our students to follow them.  


Students are able to earn Eagle Bucks as a class incentive.  With each bundle of 50 collected, the class earns an incentive.  The incentive is different for each 50 Eagle Bucks earned.  


All teachers have classroom behavior policies.  If negative student behaviors become habitual and/or disruptive to the learning environment, your child may receive an office referral.  These are handled by administration.   


We have "zero-tolerance" for bullying, weapons, drugs, and violence.  We will enforce suspension or even expulsion in these instances.   


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) can be useful for both teachers and parents in helping students learning appropriate behaviors.


Please visit for more information.  


We are also going through the learning process of becoming a CHAMPS school.  This is an effective way of stating expectations to students.  With clear expectations, students will succeed.  

For more information please contact our guidance couselor, Lisa Ajemian.

We are a Be Kind school.  Being Kind is a simple way to “catch” someone and let them know that their genuine kindness can change the world. Our hope is that people being “caught” will be inspired to be more kind, more often.


Students caught being kind are recognized during our morning announcements.  Students can also earn Be Kind bracelets.  

The goal of Harmony is to incorporate specialized teaching strategies into classroom activities—from preschool through sixth grade—in an effort to reduce bullying, and help develop the youth of today into tolerant, compassionate, and caring adults for the future.

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