School Organizational Team (SOT)

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Our SOT consists of (2) two teachers, (1) one support staff, and (3) three parents. All of these positions are elected in September and serve a one-year term.​


Responsibilities of the SOT:

  • Assist and advise development of the plan of operation (school performance plan and school budget) each Spring.

  • Provide continued assistance and advice to the principal  in carrying out the plan.

  • Assist in the discussion of any additional authority to be transferred to school to carry out responsibilities.

  • Assist with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy.

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Diana Ramos
Girardin, Victoria.jpg
Victoria Girardin
Anne Scott.JPEG
Anne Scott
McGartland, Claire.jpg
Claire McGartland
Angel Brooks-Calloway
Vollmoeller, Lisa.jpg
Lisa Vollmoeller
(Support Staff)
Hunt, Veronica (1).jpg
Veronica Hunt
non-voting member
Levy, Aimee.jpg
Aimee Levy
(Assistant Principal)
non-voting member

SOT Parent Representatives

Thank you and congratulations to our three new SOT Parent Representatives! We look forward to a wonderful and exciting year with you!

All parents/families interested in attending SOT meetings, please come! You are ALWAYS welcome!!

Parent 1:

Hi, my name is Diana Ramos. I have a daughter that attends Marion Earl. I work in Real Estate and I love to help students become successful. 

I'd be a great parent representative because I'm KIND and love to HELP!

Parent 2:
My name is Anne Scott and I have two children at Marion Earl. My background is in Education, Theatre and Hospitality.  A good education in a supporting environment can change lives.  Being a parent representative would allow me to help support our Marion Earl community. 

Parent 3:

Angel Brooks-Calloway

Bio coming soon!