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Special Education Teachers

Click on their picture to learn more about our Special Education Teachers and some of their FAVORITE things!

Alamshaw, Pearl (1).jpg

Pearl Alamshaw

Primary Autism

Anderson, Mary.jpg

Mary Anderson


Buono, Brian.jpg

Brian Buono

Early Childhood Inclusion

Chaffee, Renee.jpg

Renee Chaffee

Speech Pathologist

photo coming ssoon.jpg

Wendy Halford

Adaptive PE

Lindsey, Liza.jpg

Liza Lindsey

Speech Pathologist

DiPietro-Lunt, Cristiana.jpg

Cristiana Lunt

Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

Claire McGartland.jpg

Claire McGartland


Pablo, France (1).jpg

France Pablo

Intermediate Autism

Rizzy, Tiffany.jpg

Tiffany Rizzi


photo coming ssoon.jpg

Anna Roxo

KIDS Autism

Kaylanie Velarde.jpg

Kaylanie Velarde


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